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St. Willibrordkapelle

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Moscow2,304 aportes
jun. de 2016 • Solitario
I mean the Romanesque bell tower, belonging to the complex of St. Irminen church. It is of the 11th century, but during the second world war, was badly damaged.Then was repaired during the restoration works in the complex. Moreover, they com-missioned a local artist to draw up the lower tier of the bell tower. So appeared Willibrordkapelle. Too modernist for my taste – if to compare at least with the church, designed in the Rococo style. What sense has the head of Christ (obviously from the sculptures decorating the portal of some another church) in a blue square, framed by scenes from the Apocalypse of John the theologian. And how it relates to the explanation of Jacob's ladder from the Old Testament, which feature semi-circular stained glass window to the right?
Very controversial.
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Olen, Belgium6,113 aportes
may. de 2012 • Pareja
Willibrord chapel in the Romanesque Bell Tower of St. Irminen was in 2001 designed by Jacob Schwarzkopf. Its apse is decorated with themes from the "book of revelation", in the Middle the Christ’s head, a more than life-size limestone sculpture in the late-antique sculpture style which, according to experts, along with other sculptures once ornamented the portal of the Romanesque church.
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