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The Siriu Beach is one of the largest of Garopaba, stretching for kilometres. The southern side is well known, due to the white sandy dunes, and closer to the city centre. However, the charm of the northern end, in the borough of the same name, and close to where the river Siriu joins the sea, is a charm in itself. A more popular beach for families and visitors that prefer less crowd and more sand and water, it is always a charming place: in the summer, with sea and surf, and in the winter, for long walks. Off-season, it is quite possible to spend an hour or more walking, without seeing a soul. The whole beach and dunes behind it are a protected area, and for the curious, a small stroll into the dunes will provide a varied flora, including ground orchids and other beachside plants. The warm and sweet water from the Siriu and Macacu Lake end up in a penned in lagoon arm waiting for a high tide, or whenever the water of the Macacu and Siriu are abundant, to breach the sand to the sea: a great place for the younger ones or just whoever does not want to brave the open sea or is not comfortable with the cold ocean and the waves. Its a great place for those that love nature, those that just love walking, or those wishing to relax by the sea and surf. Easy access by car or the local urban bus service from Garopaba, and with minimarkets and restaurants on the road by the beach of the northern edge of the Siriu Beach.
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