Security service person highly recomended

In a trip as important as the one of the adoption of our daughter it has been fundamental to have hired the services of Patrick Koala. Patrick offers professional security services, bodyguard and accompaniment, document management of official papers.... He knows like no one else whatsoever the procedures to be carried out in Burkina Faso at all levels. Everyone knows him from his previous job as a national police officer at Ouagadougou airport. Patrick is bilingual in Mooré and French, is fluent in ingĺes and has notions of Spanish. From the first moment you get off the plane he is there to help you and escort you with his precious BMV. He is a person of total confidence and highly recommended both professionally and personally. Today we can't think about what this trip would have been like without your help. Patrick is a "MUST" if you think about going to Burkina. That's how Burkina's doors are opened. We would like to be able to share his contact phone number for anyone who decides to travel to Burkina Faso (+226) 70 72 74 74 56 /(+226) 78 40 98 83 . Our assessment of his services is unbeatable.